Safety Tips Before Windsurfing

Windsurfing is a sport enjoyed by many. It involves sailing on the water surface using a board. The sailor sails holding on a large sail. However, it can be accident prone and dangerous if safety measures are not taken into consideration. The following are safety tips for windsurfing that you need to check on:

1. Be real on what you are capable of doing.

Before going for windsurfing, always have in mind your capability, your fitness, and even your flexibility. Understand your body muscles for they are the ones that will help you decide how long you should do the surfing. Understanding your capability will also help you in choosing the surfing board. If you are a beginner, then use the beginner surfing board. A beginner’s board needs to be light in weight and easy to handle. Ensure you are well hydrated and energized for the whole plan of windsurfing. Drink plenty of water, fruit juice and eat a lot of fruits.

2. Do not sail alone

Know where other sailors are sailing and if at all you have to windsurf alone then alert a reliable person on when, where and for how long you will be surfing. Always have someone who knows where you are surfing and when probably he or she should expect you back so that if by chance to be trapped in an accident, he or she can look for you as early as possible. This helps in avoiding deaths.

3. Choose an appropriate windsurfing area.

Observe the weather well and surf in an environment where there are no tides and storms. The environment should not be exposed to the offshore winds. Consult a specialist like the forecasts to know the environmental hazards in that area to avoid them during the windsurfing and get to understand the escape points in case of a tide. The weather forecasts will help you know when there is no possibility of heavy rainfalls. Avoid surfing next to boats and ships.

4. Have windsurfing safety equipment.

Before you go for windsurfing ensure you have a floatation or life jacket which will help you in an event of tides. Ensure you have a whistle tied at the peddle and always have your helmet. The whistle helps to call for attention in case of danger. The helmet protects your head in case of an accident. Ensure you have foot straps that will help you keep surfing held safe on the surfing board.

5. Always inspect your surfing equipment before windsurfing.

Ensure that the windsurfing board is in the right condition. The safety gear is well working and every other part is very okay and safe to take you through the surfing. Understand how the knots work and familiarize yourself with the surfing ropes.


Surfing is a very important and enjoyable sport. However, a safety measure must be taken to enjoy it fully. Accidents can be avoided if the above safety tips are checked before one starts windsurfing. This is what can guarantee your game to be sweet as you expect. For our next healthy topic, know more about the health benefits of spinach.